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Ritual purification


Spiritual cleanse have been used in many cultures to cleanse the soul, clear the mind, and to heal the spirit. The idea of a spiritual bath is also said to help cleanse and ultimately heal your chakras any stagnant energy that can lead to more serious disease & illnesses.

Ritual baths start with a sanitized and clutter-free tub. The water used is sacred and pure. Additions to the bath are herbs, flowers, incense, and most of all your intentions. The moments spent in the tub should be a space without a phone or any electrical device nearby. It is a time to unplug from the matrix and focus on your internal spiritual healing.

Most people choose the intent of road opening and doing away with negative situations that have been holding them back. Cleansing the spirit to attract positivity and the added bonus is that it is relaxing.

There is no set in stone or specific way to take a spiritual bath. Each bath is prepared and set to each individual's needs, but if you find yourself needing assistance check out my website / blogs on spirit cleanse and also products to assist, you will find some informative info and things that many of my clients have taken to create a beautiful spiritual bath experience.


if you wish, take a shower before soaking since this will clean you and the intent of the bath will be strictly to relax and clear the blockages.

Make sure that the tub you are using is clean and relaxing. Make the bathroom your sacred space for this time. Light some candles, burn some aromatherapy oils and/or incense.

Decide on the intention of the bath. The energy you give to this bath is what you will get back.

Fill the tub with clean water and add your additions such as oils, flowers, and the ever-popular Himalayan sea salt And some of my recommended ritual bath salts . Himalayan sea salts are known for the healing properties and the ability to draw out toxins and any impurities out of the body.

You can choose to be in silence or have meditation or relaxing sounds playing.

Spend 20-30 minutes in your spiritual bath.

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