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Protection mojo bag


Mojo Bags are powerful amulets made with a special collection of various magical herbs which have been prepared, charged and fixed for a particular purpose. This Protection Mojo is a potent amulet of protection which has been handcrafted for the purpose of blocking that which wishes to bring you harm. This powerful little talisman will protect you from the evil eye and the ill intent brought by it, as well as block out negative energy and forces that may attempt to make their way into your life.


🪬Use to provide daily protection against spiritual harm, negative energy and the ill intent of others.

🪬Use to ward off the evil eye and the harmful energy that can be brought on by the envy of others.

🪬This powerful little talisman will work to block out all that wishes to harm and keep it at bay.

How to use❓

✨The protection mojo bag should be kept close to you for best results, these are small pouches of 2.8"x3.5" for discreet convenience which can be carried in your purse, pocket or even kept under your pillow.

✨If you are using the mojo bag for a specific purpose, be sure to meditate or say a small prayer of intention with your request while holding the mojo. Example below ⬇️

✨The mojo bag is fixed and charged before making it's way to you, however, mojo bags can be maintained through regular 'feedings' (recharging). There are a variety of ways which this can be done, including but not limited to incense smoke and attraction oils.

Detailed instructions will be included with your mojo bag.

If you wish to use an oil to maintain your mojo bag, please be sure to have a look at the PROTECTION Magickal Anointing and Ritual Oil on my website which can be used in combination with the protection mojo bag.

Keep it close and keep harmful energy at bay!

These Mojo Bags are filled with a variety of 7 different magickal herbs including Agrimony, Lavender, Black Salt, Sage and more for maximum potency.

Instructions for PROTECTION:

White candle for purification

Black candle for protection and banish

Draw- a circle place pentacle in the center of circle

To Banish Negative Energy/Spirits

After casting your circle, focus on all

positive energy. Place the mojo bag in the

center of your pentacle. Light both of the candle

and say:

"I call on the powers of the universe

that are far and near

To banish what's not welcome here.

By this candle, with this charm,

I banish all things that would cause harm.

This I ask, this charge I lay.

Send unwanted things away."

As you speak, imagine all negativity fleeing

from you, or the place you want it gone.

Visualize the circle of light from the candle

expanding and driving out anything

negative. when you feel ready, pinch;

the candle and end the ritual

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