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Planetary crystals

Planetary crystals

Crystals of the week

Simply put, every day the universe breathes differently. By wearing Crystals in alignment with each day of the week with respect to the planet it influences, you can please the universe simultaneously attracting positivity.

Every day, the sunset and sunrise timings change, so do the tidal waves, wind speed, and many other natural phenomena. If you’re really respecting astrology, wearing one stone every day of the week translates into misalignment.


Saturday ruled by SATURN 🪐

The most important day of the week, Saturday beckons the powers of Saturn. The day of rest and reset in the bible for Sabbath, Saturday is one of the vital days to manifest with crystals. If you didn’t know Saturn was the chief judge of all planets.

The power of Saturn is not jovial or fun as any other days. It is the power of productivity, creativity, and action. You will be presented with many opportunities and your manifestations will be successful if you yearn with truth in your heart on a Saturday. It is the best day to get started on a new opportunity as well as make important decisions.

Wearing crystals correspondent to Saturn . It will empower your kundalini energy.

Sacral chakra

crystals particularly to use black obsidian, pyrite, Agate & Labradorite Crystal.

Colors associated maroon red and black


Sunday ruled by SUN ☀️

The day of the Sun, Sunday is a bright day that rejuvenates and revitalizes the universe just as each one of us. It is the eponymous day of the sun, and everything revolves around this day. Physically, without the sun there won’t be any life. Hence, Sunday should be regarded as the source of all your plans.

It is the ideal day to get started on your dreams, goals and aims at a Sunday than any other day. Amun RA where all life creation begins. It is represented by One and when you keep a crystal in the east direction, you will receive prosperity and blessings that will increase your monetary wealth.  

Where in crystals in correspondence with the sun will ring vitalization rejuvenation strength will power

Crown chakra

Crystal 🌟‘s associate it with Sunday Mookite, tiger eye, carnelian & yellow aventurine.

Colors associated with this day yellow gold orange


Monday ruled by MOON

The day of the moon, Monday is the day to find stability. It rules your mind and body to create balance amongst mankind. Also following up with Sunday is another day of reset and readjustment. Meditation dance

It will help you find peace, harmony, and solutions to unforeseen problems. Astrologically, Monday is best to network, so if you say ‘Hi’ to someone on social media on a Monday, you’re bound to get a positive response.

If you talk your heart out on a Monday, it can clear the blocked feelings. Being the closest celestial body when looked at from earth, effects and influences of the moon are quick.

Root Chakra

Crystals associate it with Monday rose quartz , rainbow moonstone, aquamarine and selenite

Colors associated with Monday white and silver


Tuesday ruled by Mars

It makes you strong-willed and confident. When you use crystals that favor the power of mars on Tuesday, it opens your spiritual eye. Astrologers say Mars is the day for masculine. Perhaps that’s where the expression, Men are from Mars … popped from!

Tuesday favors creativity and newness. Ancient scriptures say Mars can be both silent and violent depending on your zodiac.

Did you know Mars is the god of war? So, don’t try to begin friendships or resolve older bonds on Tuesday. It’s a day to let the world flow without your intrusions.

Change Third Eye

Crystals associated with Tuesday Bloodstone, Rhodonite, hematite, and Garnet

Colors associated with Tuesday red and autumn colors


Wednesday planet of MERCURY

Wednesday attracts the powers of Mercury, the closest planet to the sun. It is the most feared planet in the solar system as it can affect all parts of life being the messenger of Gods.

mercury stones. It helps to open up your speech chakra to find your destiny and fate. Who does it favor? People born under the zodiac of Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury being an unemotional planet can also cause breakups, fights, and fallouts too. But, don’t be scared, mercury on Wednesday will not make you do anything you don’t wanna do. It’s the planet of ultimate divine truth.

Chakra throat

Crystals associate it with Wednesday citrine, Agate, Amazonite, Aventurine

Colors associated with Wednesday yellow and gray


Thursday planet of JUPITER

Plant of of information, wisdom, and knowledge. Big ENERGY Thursday is the day for learning and doing new things. It attracts luck to those who strive for wisdom. Jupiter on Thursday with the help of heart chakra dissolves away your pain and heartbreak. It can even bring down the effect of curses and evil eye due to your mistakes with the other planets Also dealing with Jupiter deals with abundance in all forms!

Chakra HEART

Crystals associate it with Thursday amethyst, Emerald, lapis lazuli & rainbow quartz

Colors associated with Thursday dark blue


Friday planet VENUS

God I will bring you the luck of attracting love also a day of good empowerment of self love taking yourself out on a date or joining someone special on a date.

Venus also brings pleasure and enthusiasm

Chakra Third Eye and Heart

Crystals associated with Friday lapis lazuli, jade, rose quartz, malachite

Color is associated with Friday copper, green, light blue and pink.

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