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Questions or concerns about money ?

What is blocking you from manifesting more money in your life?

I created the Money Healing Oracle to help you do deep introspection & shadow work to clear away blocks to prosperity and wealth, so you can have the true abundance you deserve!.

This is a handcrafted money oracle deck to tell you what you need to know about getting clear and moving forward with your financial goals.

Or give you confirmation to the riches a head generational wealth or your desire is coming to fruition.

The cards are designed to give you insight into what the hidden truth is about deeper motivations and challenging patterns in your finances. Each card has keywords at the top that tell you what challenge or achievements you are facing--and there is a message and an affirmation on each card to help empower you to heal limiting beliefs and break through to the other side. You can also read the images intuitively for a deeper meaning. There's no booklet with these cards, since the keywords are printed on each one for easy interpretations.

For best results, choose ONE card at a time, and place it where you can see it daily. Repeat the affirmation aloud each day to override negative programming and replace it with a new vision of your rich and abundant lifestyle you deserve to have.

You can use this deck either on its own or as clarifiers for your tarot readings.

WARNING: These cards may trigger and challenge deeply held beliefs. You may need to discuss any issues that come up with a professional therapist. This deck is not meant to be a diagnosis, cure, or replacement for psychological or financial counseling. This deck is meant to help YOU gain wisdom and make choices based on your own shadow work. It's what YOU do that truly matters, since you cannot change others.

ABOUT THE CARD STOCK: The cards are printed on a flexible, durable playing card type stock which allows for easy shuffling and handling.


💵 44 full-color cards

💵 Flexible stock with smooth finish

💵 Deck Size 3.5 x 4

💵 No booklet (messages printed on cards)

💵 No box (comes with gold drawstring bag for storage)


💵The processing time for this deck is 1 to 2 business days.

💵USA delivery times range from 3 to 9 business days after processing.

💵Shipping times vary for international orders. You can select your shipping rate when you check out.


    $44.44 Regular Price
    $37.77Sale Price
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