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Magikal oils and soaps

Magikal oils and soaps

My daughters magikal line of oil and soaps they truly did there thing made with purest of love and good energy from the children.

Paris made the “Beam me up” (Purple)

Higher dimensionAl frequencies Psychic insight and downloads. (Scorpio energy)🔮🧬⚛️

Brooklyn made the “Simply irresistible”(red)

Self love care attraction and confidence of a GODDESS 🥰👑💖

Chikere made the “Divinely protected” (blue) protection from evil eye 🧿 🪬

Maleah made the “Abundance by nature” (Green)

For power and achievement!💚🔑🌳☘️💵

All products are intentions set for specific healing a frequencies to manifest.

Each oil and soap has undergone a degree of rituals and full moon 🌕 energized!

Thank you for your support 🌈✨🌞🌻

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