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Egyptian blue lotus dry herb 🌿 (external use)

Egyptian blue lotus dry herb 🌿 (external use)

🌿🌀There’s no question that Blue Lotus played a unique and important role in Ancient Kemet culture. Most likely used as both a recreational and entheogenic drug, Blue Lotus has even been unearthed alongside the deceased in ancient tombs. The plant’s use is often depicted on walls and paintings as well. The Blue Lotus was even the symbol for the union of Upper and Lower Kemet (Egypt).

For the Ancient Wise Ancestors , the Blue Lotus represented how the sky greeted the sun. Just as the sun rises above the horizon to start the day, the flower opens in the morning, showing off her beautiful petals and shiny golden centre. Then, she closes at dusk, just when the sun is setting. Because of that, In Kemet it was deemed to be the sacred flower of the sun and sun gods.

You can find blue lotus in various forms. From oil extract to dry herb 🌿 there’s a way for everybody out there. If you’re looking for help with pain or trying to relax tense muscles, I recommend an oil. Rubbing some onto your skin will absorb the healing properties almost instantaneously.

Love,Protection, psychic opening, spiritual growth, and health such as low blood pressure, ease gastrointestinal conditions like ulcers, cramps, and diarrhea , reduce blood sugar levels, and improvements to the immune system will also help soothe and prevent infections and rashes on the skin.

. Most of the psychoactive compounds are found in the buds. You can press these to extract a hash-like resin.

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