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Connection 2 Ascension Oracle

Connection 2 Ascension Oracle


Introducing my new oracle 78 card deck inspired by the questions my clients have asked me during readings and my personal journey. 90% of the images in this deck were illustrated from my own personal photos and life experiences, capturing different stages of my journey. It’s connection2ascension ™️ trademarked ❗️🧿These cards offer insightful guidance and help connect you with your intuition and the divine. Get your hands on a deck today and let it help you unlock the answers you seek!

Oracle cards are a tool used for divination or spiritual guidance. They typically feature imagery and messages that offer insight and inspiration.

Oracle decks are like tarot cards, but much simpler. You don’t have to place them in a certain way, or memorize their meanings, or know what they all mean together or when pulled in a certain order. You just shuffle the deck, pull the card or cards that feel right, and read what they say. You can organize them in a spread, but you don’t have to. There are no rules.

You’ll pull something telling you what your soul is struggling with , need to incorporate in your life and how to take steps to repair it.

Or GOOD news on the way or what to beware of.

It’s advised that you should treat your deck as sacred. Keep it safe in a drawer so it’s not exposed to the energy floating around your house. Care for it and treat it kindly. I keep mine in a fancy box on my bookshelf.

When interpreting the cards, it's important to remember that each card can hold a different meaning for each individual who uses them. The best way to use them is to approach them with an open mind and heart, and allow the message to speak to you in a way that feels authentic and true.

Ultimately, oracle cards can be a helpful tool for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and gaining insight into life's many mysteries. Commune with your higher self and source energy with my new deck, I am excited i can offer others the opportunity to tap into their intuition and connect with the divine!

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