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Spiritual Wash

Spiritual Wash

Protection :🧿against any haters evil eye naysayers word spoken against you ill intentions will be blocked

Seven African powers:⚡️🌪🌊🍯🩸🗝🖤

The Seven African Powers are called upon for help with spiritual evolution, overcoming obstacles, and cultivation of personal power.

Protection and prosperity🦍👑

Protection against your kingdom your empire family and generational wealth unblocking obstacles

Jinx removal: 🧿🧿⚔️💣

Quickly removing any hexes curses or Bimds someone else has bestowed upon you

Better business:📈📊🏦

Expanding your brand your business marketing business opportunities an increase in financial wealth

Come to me:💒🥰😘💝

Intentions of self love first and attraction magnetism of love compassion from high vibrational love

Money 3×3×3: 💚💵💰💷💶💴🪴🌳

Self-explanatory but get your paper up go from 1000 to a millionaire to a billionaire to a trillionaire


Great for refreshing the skin taken away any aging spots wrinkles increase in collagen

In addition to refreshing your skin, rosewater can leave your mind and space feeling refreshed and energized as well. Rosewater is believed to have strong spiritual properties that can clear out negative energy that may be weighing you down. After cleansing your home with our Aura Mist, spray rosewater throughout the room for an extra layer of refreshing energy.

  • About

    Use this warm and rich smelling floor wash to bless your business space before opening in the mornings.

    Turn the everyday act of cleaning your home into a magical act of intention and transformation, and fill your home with simple and practical magic from the ground up! The art of spiritually cleaning your home using magical floor washes is a time honoured hoodoo tradition.

    All Connection 2 Ascension floor washes are super concentrated, requiring only a tablespoon or so for a full bucket; t

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