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Just like our saturn perios on our journey it meant to shake things up and put us back on track and for us, this moment of our path it it happening on a collective scale as well. in astrology north node is shared by everyone born within two years of one another, it also makes sense when synthesized with which house it is in as well as relation to the planetary alignmenets in your natal chart. The south node is the seat of your comfort zone and karmic lessons. It's the area you live in up until about age 30. Around the time of your saturn, your north node starts to become more heavily activated. This isn't usually an overnight process, rather it takes some integrating. But for most people around this time, if you have practiced tapping into your highest self, you will begin to receive downloads of what is your soul's purpose on this planet. NORTH NODE: THE SOUL PURPOSE Generally, our early 20s are a period of experimentation and coming to innerstanding of our self. round 29-32, we are called to really expand, mature and find lasting fulfillment, which looks different for each individual. Our north node points the way, much like the north star in the sky does on a clear night.

The areas in which the nodes apply to you specifically depend on house placements and other planetary placements. For instance, if your north node is in Aries, what you are here to be a leader in depends upon the house Aries rules in your birth chart, as well as where that planet’s ruler is. And if that all sounds like a foreign language, email me at and we will figure it out. For all of us, this is a great time to journal what comes up around you from reading about your north node, to look further into what house it is in, and how it interacts with the rest of our birth charts.


Birth Dates: Jul 8, 1930 – Dec 28, 1931 / Jan 27, 1949 – Jul 26, 1950 / Aug 20, 1967 – Apr 19, 1969 / Apr 7, 1986 – Dec 2, 1987 / Dec 27, 2004 – Jun 22, 2006 If your north node is in Aries, you are here to show the world what it means to be a leader. You are not meant to wait for others to get on board with your ideas before forging ahead with them, and you are not here to play a supporting role. It is time to release any people-pleasing tendencies you have carried over from having a Libra south node, and step into independence and intuition. It is not that you are meant to live a life alone, but you are definitly meant to lead the way, which sometimes can be lonely, but only until other people catch up with you! This placement is about not letting the desire for connection overrides the need for independence and individuation. You know very well that codependence can be a downfall and that you cannot save other people. Instead, by saving yourself, you show others how they may save themselves, too. You need to be direct and assertive and trust that those who are meant to be in your life will hear you. You are being challenged in this life to trust your gut, to not back down from a challenge, and to take risks. You are the hero of your own story, the leader, and the pioneer. TAURUS NORTH NODE Birth Dates: Dec 29, 1928 – Jul 7, 1930 / Aug 3, 1947 – Jan 26, 1949 / Feb 20, 1966 – Aug 19, 1967 / Sep 12, 1984 – Apr 6, 1986 / Apr 15, 2003 – Dec 26, 2004 If your north node is in Taurus, you are here to show what it means to prioritize your personal pleasure and values. You embody the feminine yin energy of mother earth, and through just living your life, you show others how to naturally care for the earth, with loyalty and patience. You show us how great it can be to live in creature comforts. The more you nurture yourself, the more nurturance you show to others without having to do anything extra. You are like the warm hug from nature we all crave so we can dust ourselves off, pick ourselves back up, and carry on. Taurus north nodes’ major life lesson theme is to build a practical and stable life for themselves, with comfort and security at the utmost importance. You are learning to balance the spiritual and material worlds, and by embracing your needs for the tangible and material things, you show the rest of us how we can merge these two worlds. In your younger years, you might have some reservations about wanting material things from having a Scorpio south node. However, you find that the more you surround yourself and adorn your home with tangible things that ground you and are aesthetically pleasing, the more you are in the right mindset to bring the work that you want into form and express your many creative gifts and talents into the world. It is important that Taurus north nodes make their own money in this lifetime and not readily accept or rely on monetary gifts or help from well-to-do family members or relatives. With the south node in Scorpio, your comfort often entails hiding out in secrecy or privacy. This life is calling for the opposite, lifting the veil of secrecy and speaking your truth.


Birth Dates: April 17, 1927 – Dec 28, 1928 / Dec 4, 1945 – Aug 2, 1947 / Aug 26, 1964 – Feb 19, 1966 / Mar 17, 1983 – Sep 11, 1984 / Oct 14, 2001 – Apr 14, 2003 / May 6, 2020 – Jan 18, 2022 If your north node in Gemini you are here to indulge your curiosity and to question everything. This north node comes with a great deal of taking a lighthearted approach to life, so this is your permission to release any heaviness you carry on your shoulders. Learning effective communication is your greatest challenge and lesson, and with years you will develop the skills to communicate with others in the most effective ways. You have the gift of being able to truly connect with other people. As a Gemini north node, your south node is in Sagittarius, and so you feel most comfortable when you are moving around from place to place, traveling far and wide, and never really planting down roots anywhere. True fulfillment comes when you learn the value of staying in one place long enough to make lasting friendships and be a part of a community. You might tend to think you know all there is to know. Instead, it helps to keep an open mind and lean into the communication skills and active listening skills that life is urging you to develop to make relationships flourish. Hobbies are great to pick up, and especially anything that has you working with your hands, and working with others in small, local groups. CANCER NORTH NODE

Birth Dates: Oct 27, 1925 – Apr 16, 1927 / May 12, 1944 – Dec 3, 1945 / Dec 24, 1962 – Aug 25, 1964 / Sep 25, 1981 – Mar 16, 1983 / Apr 10, 2000 – Oct 13, 2001 / Nov 7, 2018 – May 5, 2020 If your north node is in Cancer, you are here to put your feelings first, no co-depency to people places or come into a space learning to accept your sensitivity, and to see it as a gift and opportunity to better innerstand yourself and others. You can let go of judgment and control and realize that everyone is on their own path; you don’t need to be where they are and vice versa. You receive the respect you are seeking and deserve when you can accept and share your feelings with the world, and recognize we are all more alike than we are different. With a north node in Cancer, you are more comfortable in the realm of the masculine, and you are learning to lean into your feminine. A big part of this is less “doing,” and more just “being.” You may feel quite comfortable in the realm of your career and have tendencies to cope through over-working and over-exerting. Your north node especially this time, is teaching you how to be able to feel your feelings without trying to rush in and fix them or distract yourself from them. You are learning through this time that there is more to life than work and money. Things like family life and being at home take precedence over the competition with others and climbing your way to the top of your career. In favor of a more nurturing and inclusive approach, prioritizing your own self-care is a big part of your lesson.


Birth Dates: Apr 23, 1924 – Oct 26, 1925 / Nov 22, 1942 – May 11, 1944 / Jun 11, 1961 – Dec 23, 1962 / Jan 6, 1980 – Sep 24, 1981 / Oct 21, 1998– Apr 10, 2000 / May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018 With Leo as your north node, you are developing the confidence for stepping out as a solo star in your field (usually related to which house in your chart that your north node is in). Leo rules the heart; it is performative and courageous. So even if you have to act like you are brave when you are not feeling brave, be brave, and take risks. Everything you desire is waiting for you on the other side of that. You are here to have fun and embrace your natural creativity and joy. You have big dreams, and the world is ready for you to take center stage. You are learning that self-expression is vital to your well-being, and as you start accepting that more and more and living your truth, those around you see it in you as well. You may have a bit of a bumpy road to the top, but you are learning that being liked by everyone isn’t a necessary part of your progress (and in fact, not everyone will). You are comfortable being the behind-the-scenes researcher, but you feel called to more. If your comfort zone is living up in your head, you are learning to tune into and live from your heart. Leo is the heart of the lion in astrology, and it might even help you to get into this zone, to visualize a the woman depicted in the srenght tarot card taming the lion. Bold, beautiful, living out loud, with wild displays of affection for your pride, your Leo north node shows you, and the rest of us, what it means to live from the heart. VIRGO NORTH NODE Birth Dates: Aug 23, 1922 – Apr 22, 1924 / May 25, 1941 – Nov 21, 1942 / Dec 16, 1959 – Jun 10, 1961 / Jul 6, 1978 – Jan 5, 1980 / Jan 26, 1997 – Oct 20, 1998 / Nov 12, 2015 – May 9, 2017 If your north node is in Virgo, your life lessons center around setting and maintaining clear boundaries. You are here to be of service to others, without letting others walk all over you. You win when you participate in life and share with the world the solutions to the problems that we face (that you can so clearly see). You are used to letting everyone in and close you as a Pisces south node, and in this life, you are learning to set and maintain clear boundaries. If you give your time too freely to others, they may become overly dependent on you (or you on them), and that does not serve your highest good (or theirs). You are learning and refining how to implement routines and bringing order to the chaos. You aim for reliability, and your people know that they can count on you. You are likely that friend that gets calls when your loved ones need help or advice. This might annoy you, but recognize that it means that they trust you and that it is a blessing, even if you feel unable to help. You show the rest of us how maintaining daily routines and leaning into the structure can benefit us all. LIBRA NORTH NODE Birth Dates: Feb 8, 1921 – Aug 22, 1922 / Jan 1, 1940 – May 24, 1941 / Jun 17, 1958 – Dec 15, 1959 / Jan 8, 1977 – Jul 5, 1978 / Aug 1, 1995 – Jan 25, 1997 / Feb 19, 2014 – Nov 11, 2015 As a Libra north node your soul knows that when we work together, we win together. You know that there is enough to go around when we act fairly and in harmony with one another. You are the diplomat, the mediator, the person who suggests putting the focus on another when you get too wrapped up in your own circumstances. You instill confidence in others, and you truly receive what you give out. You know from having an Aries south node that you can rely on yourself, and your Libra north node knows that community makes us stronger and better together. You are an example of cooperation and collaboration, and you balance the rest of us out. With this placement, this life for you is about commitment, and depending on which house your north node is in, commitment to “what” exactly may show up differently for you. Sharing may not come naturally to you, but you are learning the benefits that come with the commitment to others, in partnership, friendship, business, and beyond. SCORPIO NORTH NODE Birth Dates: Aug 16, 1919 – Feb 7, 1921 / Mar 4, 1938 – Sept 11, 1939 / Oct 5, 1956 – Jun 16, 1958 / Jul 10, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977 / Feb 2, 1994 – Jul 31, 1995 / Aug 30, 2012 – Feb 18, 2014 As a Scorpio north node you show us what true personal transformation and rebirth look like in human form. Your soul craves non-attachment, material things, to past versions of yourself, and to the ever-changing circumstances of life. Scorpio north nodes are usually gifted in the areas of art and particularly musically inclined. Your comfort zone is a “work hard, play hard” mentality, and spending money on art and a luxury lifestyle. From a young age, you probably felt able to take care of yourself and ready to move out and be on your own. You enjoy spending money, especially on things that bring luxury and aesthetically pleasing things into your life. This lifetime for you is about learning to embrace the unknown and not have everything so practically planned out all of the time. A lot of your lessons in life could center around plans falling through until you start to learn to not rely on planning so much. You have great taste and enjoy the finer things in life, and yet you are learning to practice letting go of attachments to luxury and comfort. With life experience, you learn to dwell in the mystery and uncertainty of life without rushing to fill in the spaces with security and practicality. Embracing the understanding that the universe always supports you brings you much abundance and being able to receive and share that is part of your biggest lesson in life as a Scorpio north node.


Birth Dates: Feb 14, 1918 – Aug 15, 1919 / Sep 14, 1936 – Mar 3, 1938 / Apr 3, 1955 – Oct 4, 1956 / Oct 28, 1973 – Jul 9, 1975 / Aug 2, 1992 – Feb 1, 1994 / Mar 4, 2011 – Aug 29, 2012 Your philosophy is that you will know it when you see it (and you will see it when you know it). You likely have some prophetic abilities that you are here to develop in this lifetime as well. Listening to other people is one of your great gifts to the world, as you are able to read between the lines of what people really mean when they speak. Jupiter is Sagittarius’ ruler, and if you have a sagittarius north node, it will be calling for you to expand and grow in nearly all facets of life, but especially when it comes to travel and learning. When you come into your own, you will likely feel called to switch from learning into teaching, but you will remain an eternal student. You’ll find that your life has been and will continue to be moving you towards expansion in perspective, big-picture thinking, and making everything bigger in all areas of your life. You are here to do great things, and life is moving you towards that more and more. As you learn to surf the waves and go with the flow, life brings more opportunities for expansion to you.


Birth Dates: May 31, 1916 – Feb 13, 1918 / Mar 9, 1935 – Sep 13 1936 / Feb Oct 10, 1953 – Apr 2, 1955 / Apr 28, 1972 – Oct 27, 1973 / Nov 19, 1990 – Aug 1, 1992 / Aug 22, 2009 – Mar 3, 2011 This life for you is all about setting goals and achieving them. Little goals, big goals, any goal that is important to you is worth your attention. As a Capricorn north node, success will not come to you all at once, but when you learn to take incremental steps towards your goals, you climb up that mountain to the top and get to wave that flag of achievement for all to see. You may tend to put limits on yourself, unconsciously, and fall into moods that keep you from the work you feel called to do. You may not even know that your underlying desire is to reach the top in the traditional sense. However, as you work towards your goals, you often gain public recognition more easily than most, which serves as a sign that you are on the right track. Your mission in life is to balance home life (your comfort zone) with work-life (your goals). You do best when you incorporate home life with working life, perhaps through having a home office, as opposed to climbing the ladder in a corporate sense. Because of your inherent creativity and desire for everyone to win together, corporate life isn’t necessarily the life for you. This group often makes great entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders in the realms of business. You are the CEO of your own life, execute accordingly!


Birth Dates: Jun 25, 1933 – Mar 8, 1935 / Mar 29, 1952 – Oct 9, 1953 / Nov 3, 1970 – Apr 27, 1972 / May 23, 1989 – Nov 18, 1990 / Dec 19, 2007 – Aug 21, 2009 You are most effective in a group rather than solo. You are here to be a champion for humanitarian causes and are likely passionate about a few of them. You feel most fulfilled when you are using your many skills to shine the spotlight on important universal causes, rather than being a solo star player. You are not here to do things as they have been done before, but you are here to bring new life and new ways of doing things to the world. You are likely a connector between your friend and network groups, which is a gift not everyone is capable of bearing. Your rewards from life come when you continue to connect people to the other people and resources that benefit the greatest good of all when they come together. You win when you include others and see that everyone has a unique role to play, including yourself. Aquarius north nodes are here to focus on “community-first” leadership. You are learning to release the drama. Sustainability, collaboration, eccentric ideas - these are realms in which you will shine. PISCES NORTH NODE

Birth Dates: Dec 29, 1931 – Jun 24, 1933 / Jul 27, 1950 – Mar 28, 1952 / Apr 20, 1969 – Nov 2, 1970 / Dec 3, 1987 – May 22, 1989 / Jun 23, 2006 – Dec 18, 2007 Pisces north node are here to show us what compassion arises when they recognize that judgment is something that humans enact on each other, and not something that our Source, the Universe, our Higher Power, or God enacts upon us. You have spent much time thinking about the details, analyzing, overthinking, and making sure everything is in order and under control. Now, your compass is guiding you towards a more spiritually fulfilling life. Learning to trust that when you give over your sense of control, there can be positive outcomes. You work well alone and need lots of space and privacy, and usually, lots of periods of rest. You do not need to be perfect to be valuable. It is safe to be vulnerable, to be seen, and to let your guard down with those you trust. You may find that you are more held and important to the universal plan than you may now realize. If you have a Pisces north node, you may find that life situations push you out of your orderly and planned out life and into the chaos and the unknown. It is time to release your clairivoyance and clairocendance abilities out. They may be your default, but they are not serving you moving forward in the life you are meant to live. Embracing your abilities to heal yourself and others through your art is a healthy way to escape that brings a sense of fulfillment to your journey. Need further tips on how to become fully in your power . reach me through email

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