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R.I.P to the old you , New you is Born !

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Eye just channeled this last night crazy !...

Collective reading 💫

Take what resonates 💚

Cards of this week :

You are not the person you once were. You know it, but others might not always be ready to let go of the old you and go so easily. Do not allow yourself to be shoved back into patterns of behavior that you are not sure to who you are now. You have worked hard to grow and become this new self. Believe that she is more real than old are you, even if she is less familiar to others and maybe even you at this stage. All that will change and what is new now will become familiar and easy for you to sustain in the near future. Be stubborn in a good way whilst -And others around you come to realize that the new you is the real you.

Spiritual Guidance:

Others may offer their input, but when it comes down to it, it is you allow making your life decisions. Your choice may want to have them to meet the expectations and honor the opinions of other people-but you are aware now that the best choices for you is actually to honor your own heart, irrespective weather others understand your reasons or feelings, you may have to practice not feeling guilty or selfish about choosing to live your life the way that suit yourself. You might have to be patient with those around you who need some time to get out of the habit of expecting you to do as you are told. It may take time for them to adjust to the way you are now, behaving and thinking based on your own inner guidance. Stand your ground and reinforce this new behavior until you, and those around you, really get that this is how you are living from now on. You know now that you don’t have to wait for permission. You get to choose how you feel, how you want to live, and who you want to be. You are ready for the responsibility and sweet reward a living your life on your own terms.

Sacred ritual:

Trusting in your empowerment can take some practice in South encouragement. Write a list of five things that you do already that are powerful. It might be refusing to have your thoughts control by another or exercising your body, walking away from something that’s not right, or choosing to give yourself time out when you need it. As you write your list, remind yourself that you already have begun your journey of empowerment. You can’t continue to be bolder and how you choose to express your apartment when it feels right for you.

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