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Pink super full moon in libra ♎️ 🌕


Libra. The sign opposite that fiery child of the Zodiac, Aries, where the Sun now sails.They couldn’t be more different, yet both ends of the same spectrum of humanity. Whilst Aries is pioneering, emboldened and prefers to fly solo,  Libran energy is all about partnership.




Libra puts the self on hold, in favor of what the other needs. Meaning that the Moon here in Libra is just overflowing with gentle generosity.

Love the energy of this Pink super full moon 🌕 She can’t get any closer.

The Moon’s focus – all the light She can muster at this high point on her orbit – is shining directly onto our partnerships, relationships, and sense of togetherness.Even without a Supermoon, exactly on perigee to lead the way, I’d guess that for most of us on the planet, this is where our focus is right now.

Even in “isolation”, we’re more of a collective than we’ve ever been.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, this Moon is urging us to keep love in the equation. At the core of it all. In amongst the fear, the anxiety, and the too-close-for-company self-isolation with family we maaaay not be used to spending SO much time with, love needs to overtake fear. There isn’t another way out of this.

Yet a huge part of the medicine this Supermoon carries, in true Venus fashion, is self-love. It’s true that the capacity we have to truly love others is only as wide as the capacity to love ourselves. Yet this is an ideal time for shadow to bloom (yes, I know we’ve passed the Equinox here in the Northern hemisphere, but something about this year isn’t about to let us off the hook).

The Moon in Libra encourages us to deeply come into a relationship with ourselves. The Full Moon in Libra brings this to an emotional level. So meeting our feelings, and accepting what they have to tell us about ourselves, is paramount. Full Moons are apexes in the cycle. Supermoons are supercharged. Meaning that the emotions that have been stirred up over the weeks leading to this Full Moon may well reach their climax. And that climax will likely high.

Remember you are the one in control here. As much as this time feels disempowering, how you approach the cards you have been dealt, is in your power.

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