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New Year New Beginnings

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

New Full Moon 🌕 also known as Worm Full Moon..... is about movement forward into not only spring but the significance of spring and what it truly means, New life begina and e

mbarking on new beginnings of creativity, inspiration, and Growth. Spring represents an awakening. Its many images and signs and Synchronicity’s speak of our rejuvenation, our coming out of winter's hibernation with energy and enthusiasm for what comes next. As Our ancestors even way back when, would perform rituals to cleanse out old energy in both themselves and in their homes.

At a deeper spiritual level the equinox is

"the period of struggle between darkness and light, death and life. It occurs when the night and day will be equal, and the journey of the Sun to actually get there also signifies the journey of the Universe. Spiritually the importance of the spring season is that the daylight will start increasing, so we will experience more light such as illumination. reminding us that the light will always return to earth. Hence, this equinox is the representation of new life and light, new beginnings, path, and seeds. Now is a beautiful moment to plant 🌱 your seeds to come into fruition.

  1. Take a ritual bath 🛀.

  2. Go out into nature more ground with your bare feet in the earth 🌍 .

  3. Deep clean your home 🏡.

  4. Get rid of old items no longer in use or needed.

  5. Journal your new goals.

  6. Plant 🌱 new life.

  7. Detox

  8. Do a spiritual fast.

  9. Revamp by Bringing spring into your home with decorating.

  10. Try a new Hair do, oil scent, wardrobe or meal.

So go ahead enjoy, relax and release! The great innerG and doors of opportunity opening will continue a few days beyond the exact equinox, hence if you aren't free to do the release hence you do not need to be present for ritual all you’ll need it your intentions set on your end and your consent to do the actually spiritual work on your behalf using our powerful magik together.

Let Go ! New Beginnings!


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