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Mercury Retrograde 😳😫🤪🤦🏽‍♀️

What you should and shouldn't do during Mercury retrograde

Do not: Plan a big launch, make important travel arrangements, enter a long-standing contract, or buy electronics

Why is that? Mercury is the fastest-moving planet in our solar system; it illuminates how we think, how we process information, and, as previously mentioned, how we communicate.

As a result of the retrograde, your words may be stalled or misunderstood, you may not receive all the information necessary to make a decision, technology will be fritzy, and your travel delays will be real as they all rely on communication signals and systems

And while you can't necessarily avoid all major choices during Mercury retrograde, there might be a big upside to taking your time or delaying best you can.

Do: revisit, review, resume, and resolve

Anything with a "re," really. While moving forward during these transits can be difficult and murky, Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to look back and see the past with increased clarity. So if Mercury is retracing its steps in its orbit, we want to do the same.

Be wary of ex’s coming back around with “wyd” shit too lol 😂

Mercury retrograde in Libra: September 27 to October 23

The Mercury retrograde transit in Libra begins with a trine between Jupiter and the moon and ends in an opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, and a grand trine with Lilith and Saturn. Which is...a lot of information to digest. But going along with themes of Jupiter and Saturn, this time will mark a cosmic clash over growth, and what (or who) inhibits it.

We'll be challenged to expand our mindset and dive deep in our pain points that have restricted our expansion We are the creators of our reality; what you are breaking free from that has kept you small. There will be an emphasis on relationships during this cycle, so take inventory in what relationships support your life and what ones drain your energy.

Ask yourself: Who in my life is contributing to my burnout, and how do I express healthy boundaries with them?

Eye hope this helps 😉

Remember to have fun Growing in the process ✨♥️

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