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Full Moon in Aries ♈️

Weekly Affirmation: “I am no longer apologizing for being sexy, smart or powerful. I am no longer shrinking to make others comfortable. I am no longer dimming my light. If I burn too bright for you- put on shades. I am officially in my f*ck off era.”

Hi ascending cuties! We have a big, bright full moon coming in this week and we have everything you need to know. 🌕 Full Moon in Aries⏰ When: October 9 @ 4:54PM EST  Themes: balancing independence with interdependence, inner passion , exploring , new frontiers, being authentic to yourself, taking the challenge to accept big leap.

The rundown: 

  • This year’s one Full Moon in Aries reminds us of the power of our desire and our inner drive… while challenging us to ruffle our own feathers 🪶

  • This hot and energetic fire 🔥 Full Moon has us standing on the edge – so, here are the options: we can jump, let go of the familiar and wildly leap over the edge. Or we can just hang out at the edge, find a rock that isn’t terribly uncomfortable and just camp out where you are. In the safe but underwhelming landscape of what you know. Uhhhh… we know which of the 2 is most appropriate for growth here right ?!

Your Full Moon in Aries Message For Your rising Sign.

Pay attention to the downloads , ah ha ! Moments that may be occurring now, particularly around your emotional mental and physical health, energy levels , leadership skills, relationships and your ability to take charge, time to give birth to new opportunities . See where you may be feeling the pull of independence.

What have you manifested last new moon cycle ? What is coming to fruition? See what area of life something is manifesting or coming full circle now or what blocks you may have?

Check for your rising and sun! 👇🏽

Aries: Authenticity

Taurus: Spiritual Healing

Gemini: Activism

Cancer: Career

Leo: Publishing

Virgo: Intimacy

Libra: Romance

Scorpio: New Routines

Sagittarius: Creativity

Capricorn: Security & Stability

Aquarius: Communications

Pisces: Finances

Remember, whether you’re focusing on relationships, financial stability and self awareness , this moon is reminding you “ to thine own self be true.”

This is a huge opportunity to step into your power, illuminate or remove anything that has been keeping you from owning your full brilliance or magnificence.

Sent with love + magic,

Cecilia AGoddess 💚🌕🪶

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