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August Meaning and Crystals to wear

August spiritual meaning power month of The year, it augers In the energy of completion, loose ends tied, the path healing, and the future writer. Metaphysical keywords august courage, strength, enlightenment.

Use these keywords to make a short -three sentence positive affirmations that you can repeat to yourself through the month of August. This will help in the manifestation process of conjuring fourth the energy need it to be fortuitions in our endeavors this month. In the last quarter of the August month there is a slight shift of energy is reminding us to recognize our shadow self, the Darkside of our nature. Bringing light to those darken corners deep inside of us, which previously only bought us grief, negativity and weakness. This energy will help in transition if you are brave and willing to release the negative and embrace the positive. Take the courage on this month but the words are so great!

Meaning of August: symbolic stones


Numerous ancient references called it chrysolite. The stone of attribute, purity and morality. It has positive implications for the spiritual meaning of August. Its lightness and beauty favors the clarity of the mind. A useful stone to carry around in late summer before entering fall.


This stone stands out for its protective power. We generally use it for meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ thanks to its metaphysical properties that enhance the will, outside and dignity. By invoking your energies, wearing it increases your self-control and personal power. And it is that this stone and the month of August develop the strength of character.

August is certainly an interesting month for love, marriage and romantic relationships. An appropriate time to search within yourself to try to know yourself. The sunlight of this month is a great help to illuminate the dark areas of our interior and eliminate what is negative that slows down our personal development.


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